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It is very important to make sure that all surfaces are cleaned correctly, and also any medical equipment that is being used, that needs to be cleaned. Now, this could include chairs, it could include the actual items you are using or we are just washing a surface down like this.
Now there are lots of different products you can use. Now the first thing you need to consider is, do you need to wear gloves? Some of the products you can use, you would need to wear gloves just to protect your hands because they are quite powerful. But the first thing to do is look and see whether that is an issue. Now if you were to actually physically need to disinfect a particular item, you may use something like this, which is a pre-done solution. So you would mix this up according to the actual instructions on the back. And the way these pots work is you just loosen off the caps and you force up the measured amount into this container here, and you pour it out of this side rather than out of this side. That way, we can ensure that we get exactly the right amounts of the cleaning agent and then make sure you put that with the correct amount of water.
This is a spray that you physically spray onto a surface then clean off with a cloth. So, you would spray over the area, wipe it over with the cloth, making sure that you pick up as much as you can within the cloth itself, and then follow the instructions on the unit themselves, because some of these would have different instructions on how you use and much you actually put onto the surface itself.
Other options would be the wipes. Now these work by just pulling a wipeout of the pot, and then they normally just tear off. What you got here is a wipe that you can just rub down onto a surface. It is wet, and it will then evaporate once you have actually cleaned the surface. So you can lay that over to your hand, rub it over the area, or you can fold it, and then you can wipe a particular area, and then fold it back on itself. So you are always dealing with a clean surface the whole time with the wipes. Now with things like the wipes, you need to dispose of them correctly. So again, make sure you put these into the waste disposal with the correct area, it may well be the hazardous waste disposal. Although this is a cloth, you are still gonna have maybe blood or body fluid or something on there that you need to clean off.
Once you have actually dealt with any type of cleaning, then make sure you clean your hands correctly and then dry your hands. Also, with any of these products, always make sure you carefully read the instructions to make sure there are no allergy problems or that you make sure you mix components within this to water at the correct ratios.