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So, this is the equipment that I use to set up when I start the treatment up. The main thing that I use is the wound packs. The wound pack is all hygienic and it's a majority of everything that you need to start off your treatment. And over here is the wound pack, where I've disassembled what's actually in it. You get a tray. You get some gauze. You get a little pigment cup. You get some nitrile gloves and you get a waste disposable bag. And you also get some paper, square towels which you can use over the top of the bed as well, which you use. And I use hygiene wipes, as well. So, this is... I tear up and I put them in my little cup, in here. So I just use to wipe off any excess pigment, for over the treatments. I've also got my barrier film, which I cover all my equipment with, which is going to be all over the top of the lamps. It'll be over the top of the chairs, anywhere that I'm going to be touching, I will put barrier film around.

I've got my barber side here with the scissors and tweezers. I've got my mask, the hairnets, a pigment ring, which is all covered up, as of hygiene standards. Some extra gloves if I need them. Then there is the disposable hand tool, which is all covered up. Then I've got my blades, which are all disposable as well. And my aftercare cream, which I give to the client when they leave. Then I have my callipers, which I use to measure above the brows. My pencils to draw on the brows. My hygiene cream to keep my hands clean all the time if I need to. The pre-numbing cream, to put on the brows before I start the treatment. The micro-brushes to wipe off any pigment or any areas that I need to with a micro-brush. I have also my pigment ring holder, which puts all my pigments in there. Also, we have the mirror here, where the client can use to check the brow symmetry and she's happy with the shape.

I use my pencil sharpener to sharpen my pencils. And finally, we have the makeup remover that I use on the clients, this is to remove any of the makeup before we start doing the treatment. And the hand steriliser is also used as well if I just want to keep my hands clean through the process of the treatment.