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So before I start the treatment, I'm gonna prepare everything by making sure that everything's nice and clean. Just making sure all the surfaces are nice and clean over the handles, et cetera. This is all gonna be covered over anyway with couch roll, but I just like to keep everything really, really clean before I start, and I use my hygiene wipes to do that. So all I'm gonna be doing now is putting the couch roll over the top of the massage table so it's all hygienic. Like so. And I'm gonna be covering the top of my trolley with couch roll. I put two sheets on. The reason why I put two sheets on, it covers the whole top of the trolley. Nothings... Everything's all covered.

Now I'm gonna get my barrier film and cover all the areas that I might touch with my gloves, so any cross-contamination is all covered up. This is very, very important to do this before you start your treatment because you're touching all these surfaces and you want to make sure everything's all covered up and hygienic. You're dealing with a little bit of blood when you do the micro-blading, so it's very important that you're covered all your surfaces properly with the proper barrier film and the couch roll.

So now I'm gonna barrier film all my ring lights. So again, it's very similar to what we did on the trolley: You need to make sure that everything's all covered so you're not touching the actual light itself, it's got barrier in front of it. And I also cover the top of the ring lights as well. Like so.

So everything's all nice and covered, the areas that I touch. So, this is what we've discussed in the previous clip of what I put on my work station to start the treatment. Everything's all prepared now for me to now start it, and we'll now get the client on top of the massage table to start the drawing.